I launched Analog Watch Co. in 2013. Through the brand, my skill sets were refined in all creative & business verticals. 

Analog is an accessory brand focused on material innovation & design through the lens of market differentiation. We launch “worlds firsts” in the timepiece space     the first watch with a soft wood band, the first solid marble watch, the first watch infused with flowers or moss, the first watch infused with wine. We’ve used Kickstarter five times over the years as a platform to test the market for new lines & have raised over $260,000 on the platform to fund pre-productions alone. Analog has grossed millions since launching in 2013.

My work is vetted by the MoMA Design Store, Mercedes-Benz, & more. 

Our initial strategy was to grow our popularity in penetrating the museum store niche. We debuted on the major market via the MoMA Design Store in 2014. We launched an exclusive style that later became a best seller. We’ve sold other lines to the MoMA, Guggenheim, Smithsonian, The Getty, Victoria & Albert Museum, & dozens of major museum stores world-wide. We expanded to lifestyle/gift stores & partnered on co-branded products with major brands such as Mercedes-Benz & Maker’s Mark to collaborate on co-branded variants of our most popular designs.

We diversified product offerings for continued growth.

In an effort to grow our market share we expanded into other personal accessories such as eyewear, wallets, & jewelry. With experimentation at the core of our research & development process, some of our projects were never launched to market, such as our fragrance & personal care lines.

I am an expert in earned media & always had particular fun on April Fools.

We handle all PR/Media in house which allows us to tailor our pitches, refine our process, and ultimately secure placement in hundreds of print, television, & digital media locations. Our annual April Fools product launches have won us awards, media attention, & over 100 million organic impressions.  Ask me more about this.

We leverage long term partnerships to support our messaging & growth.

With an ethos to be “Inspired by Nature” we not only pushed the limits of natural materials but we committed to contributing to social & environmental causes. Each collection is paired with a non-profit environmental or education partner who benefits from the sale of each item. We’ve planted tens of thousands of trees & have supported numerous environmental education programs.

We maintain customer engagement through in-house content production.

With email open rates declining, advertising fatigue, & consumers seeking authentic brands, we emphasize relevant content production which is dispersed through omni-channel marketing.  In producing relevant content that aligns with our customer’s interests we’ve been able to turn our early adopters into long-term customers.